Strong engineered structure

70 year post warranty

Treated Lumber

Optimized cost

Compact packaging

Universal design

High quality paint system

Easy to build

Innovative engineering

Flexible designs

Green building

Bulk shipping

Solar upgradable

Award winning company
Designed to be a better solution!

Specifically designed for disaster-prone areas

Life time structures

Protects against termites

Good quality for less money

Can be shipped anywhere in containers

Can be built anywhere

Looks good and lasts longer

Local training, multiply crews, save on labour

Extremely optimized use of material

Can be adopted to local needs

Good for any environment

Less cost per house

Solar package raises the living standard

Use our experience to your benefit
  • Foundations                            
  • Structural Frame    (anti-termite treated)             
  • Attic Truss Roof System                                      
  • Stairs                                                          
  • Steel Roof                  (high quality paint)                              
  • Steel Siding                (strong-fastener)                     
  • Doors and Windows                 
  • Insulation Board                      
  • All Fasteners    

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