Global Shipping
Optimized packaging
Our package is diligently thought through for shipping. We can fit 4 - 8 house packages per container, depending on the size of the house and components needed.
Can be built anywhere
Because of the embedded foundation, water table does not effect it, can be used in any soil type, can be elevated if in a flood plain, and the exterior can be modified to blend into any culture.
Easy to build
No need for heavy equipment, the optimized use of pre-manufactured components make the training and construction possible for anybody in any country.

Local construction training
We offer our assistance to start with. After the initial month or two of training our goal is to have equipped local construction teams so they can continue building, and training more teams.

Can be shipped anywhere
Our goal and desire is to assist you in bringing these building solutions wherever you need them. And be able to ship it in a short time frame.
World wide shippingexperience
We have shipped into countries like Honduras, China, Ireland, Moldova and have sent our crews to train local people in business and ministry.

Bulk shipping available
Our base is able to manufacture, package, and send the amount needed. Whether it is 5 or 500 houses or even larger developments the "Global House" can be a part of the greater solution.
Multi-use buildings available
Along with housing, our company provides buildings for 
schools, comunity centers, warehouses, churches, humanitarian aid buildings, etc. 

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