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"Global House" is a division of "Borkholder Buildings & Supply, LLC". We have been engineering, designing, and supplying buildings since 1962. During this time we have satisfied thousands of customers. We use our experience as a solid base for development and innovations.
Home Base
The home base is located in Nappanee, Indiana and include our corporate offices, engineering center, full-line lumberyard, custom truss manufacturing plant and delivery fleet. This gives us ready access to all the components needed for each building package and quick shipment.
Our dealership program is used by the builders throughout the Midwest as a way to expand their business by utilizing our design, engineering and computerized pricing program. This allows them to provide much larger and more complex projects by using a brand that is recognized in the industry.
By using our 50 years of experience in the building industry and incorporating the principles discovered in the field of energy conservation, we continue to develop more efficient structures for our customers benefit. Behind each of our buildings there is precise engineering and research.

As one of the entries to the 2010 competition of the National Frame Building Association, our Zero Energy Home received a "BUILDING OF THE YEAR" award. In addition many of our projects have received national awards in the past. This success inspires us more in our innovations and service to our customer.

To bring the most economical, long-term housing solution to all parts of the world.

We have been involved in building and exporting into other countries for the past 20 years such as Ireland, Canada, China, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Honduras. Among those buildings are churches, orphanages, houses, humanitarian aid buildings, warehouses, rehab centers, apartment buildings, youth camps, and conference centers. 
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